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Educational Project

The learning follow the development of the child while following his social evolution. The notions of autonomy and respect are important values.

The daycare ‘les Anges Mia et Tia’ takes into account needs for the children from 1 month to 5 years:

  • The biological needs which concerns on a daily basis, the hygiene and the health.
  • The development emotional and social whom we find in the relations with the peers, the taking of responsibilities and the self-confidence.
  • The psycho-motor development which is connected with the physical development and with the coordination of the movements.
  • The cognitive development which includes the notions such as the logic, the language, the memory, the senses and the creativity.

The daycare ‘les Anges Mia et Tia’ propose 4 parents meetings per year, that allows to present to the parents the educational project of the daycare and to know the evolution of their child.

Indeed, twice a year, the educators meet every parent individually by going through with him the notebook of progress of the child.

Furthermore, within the framework of the class of plastic arts, every child possesses his exercise book including the realizations of the year.

As regards to the music class, 2 shows are organized during the year.