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Anges Castors – 1 to 18 month old

The nursery, called les anges castorsAnge Castor

Receives up to 15 children from 0 to 18 months.

Three educators take care of our little babies.

The class of the nursery (1 to 18 months) is really a special place. We work with you to assure that your child will receive the personal care and the attention in detail as well as to offer the special support for the new parents who often need it.

A big backyard separated from the backyard of the other classes offering to the child all the necessary safety.

Our little babies will learn slowly:

• Develop an attachment to adults other than their parents and their close family.

• Be in touch with children of their age.

• Explore their environment by means of their five senses, for example enjoy and appreciate food.

• Develop new capacities: sit down, crawl, walk, hold the bottle alone, eat alone, fall asleep alone, etc.

• Interact gradually with their educators: smile, point, say more please, etc.

• Discover new activities which help to develop their capacities.

• Listen to stories to develop the language.

• Sing songs and play with instruments to develop the musical expression with our activity Awakening musical.

• Paint with fingers to develop the dexterity and the creativity.

• Play to throw and to catch balls to socialize and develop the motricity.

• Learn the hygiene, as not to put toys in the mouth.

We establish a basic schedule which we adapt to every little baby who is unique and has his own rhythm by integrating the routine which you developed with your child.