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In the daycare ‘Les Anges Mia et Tia’ we consider the child as being in the center of all the spheres: social, cultural and domestic.

We welcome the child by respecting his history and by helping him to evolve in the community. We teach the children to remain themselves while fetching the positive aspects of the participation in a group.

The child chooses according to the ability that he wishes to develop more. The follow-up of the evolution of the child is made in agreement with all the direct speakers (the child, the family and the educator).

We hope to help the child to learn. It is a trump card for the future schooling and the good prevention of the failure. We have already worked with children with particular difficulties. In partnership with the parents and the outer participants (speech therapists, remedial teachers, psychologists…) it is possible to help the child and to take him forward as high as its possibilities.

The relationship with the adult has to help the child to trust himself. The day is made with sharing, tenderness, affection, trust, conflicts and respect (others, ourselves and environment) and by small often forgotten moments (time of a story, a game with the children, situations).

We also share intense great moments as days with themes and special activities: treasure hunting, special meals (Christmas, sugar house, Halloween, Valentin’s day), and dress up days … Without forgetting the representations of Christmas and the end of year show in June!