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Our Values

The values represent the educational foundation of our daycare. They colour our interventions and guide our actions.

The self-respect is the heart of our concern this value is, according to us essential in the development of the child.


Here are four pillars which must be fed at a young child:

1) The feeling of identity (The self-knowledge)
2) The feeling of security (The self-confidence)
3) The feeling of membership (the attachment)
4) The feeling of success (The skill, the autonomy)


An environment colored, clean, secure and adapted to the needs for the children is an important factor.

The safety is our biggest concern, we assure it through our working environment and our staff specialized as well as our working formula in small groups or every child for all the attention of his educator.


Our team is constituted with educators and with qualified educators who are supported by assistant educators and mothers, insuring the property, the security and the hygiene of your children.

The cleanliness of premises by the cleaning ladies who are always present during the schedule of the daycare.