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Anges Lions – 4 to 5 years old

Les anges lionsAnge Lapin

Receives up to 15 child from 4 to 5 years old.

The class of 4 to 5 years old is like a small pre-nursery school.

We try especially to develop in the child’s all the necessary requirements for his school learning.

The main objective of the class of the older children is to prepare them to the nursery school. Through lessons adapted to their age, the child learns to write, to use letters and figures and to work together to develop their knowledge of the world which surrounds them.

The older will learn to: 

Respect themselves and to respect their teachers and their friends through, for example, discussions about what is good and less good and role-playing games.

• Get dressed alone: close zippers – buttons, attach laces …

• Keep their locker clean and in order.

• Observe the regulations of the school: do not shout, not run and give the good example to the younger.

• Communicate politely and in a constructive way: to say I apologize, thank you, please …

• Be patient and wait their turn: raise their hand before speaking for example.

• Be bilingual.

• Continue to apply the hygiene and the good manners at the table.

• Write their name.

• Identify letters, figures, months, seasons, colors and forms. Even if the children are not ready to read, they begin to understand bases and the learning is made by the repetition, illustrated cards and games.

• Develop a consciousness of the world which surrounds them, through the geography, the learning of the other countries and the cultures, cooking recipes of the world, listen to some music of the world …

• Express their feelings with regard to a subject through the performance and the artistic representation.