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Anges Crocodiles – 18 month to 2 years old

Les anges crocodilesAnge Crocodile

Receives up to 15 babies from 18 month to 2 years old.

In this class, kids are between the baby age and the nursery school.

They will learn slowly to:

• Explore their environment with all their senses.

• Learn gradually to live in a group.

• Follow the instructions.

• Have pleasure in a group.

• have fun with a friend.

• Integrate a routine.

• Develop a feeling of security and to belong to the group.

• Integrate a new vocabulary.

• Become gradually independent.

• Live various feelings.

Their program is specifically designed to help them to acquire the trust and the control of their feelings as well as to acquire skills in the language / communication while exploring its environment.

The social objectives emotions include helping the child to identify and to manage his new feelings. We introduce routines and encourage them to understand the concept of the property and “mine”. The beginning of the learning of the social codes and the rules of behavior are also introduced.