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Word from the Director

Hello, It is with pleasure that we announce the opening of the daycare ‘Les Anges Mia et Tia’. It is a private daycare situated at 4303 Boulevard Samson, Laval. Our spacious installation contains a nursery, big premises which can welcome up to 80 children. Our opening hours are from 7 am till 6 pm, from Monday to Friday.

Our History

Who is Mia and Tia?

Mia and Tia is my two daughters. My affection and my love for my children urged me in the desire to open the daycare in Laval “Les Anges Mia et Tia “, an expansion of the first Daycare in Pierrefonds “Les Amours de Mia et Tia “.

Our mission

“Les Anges Mia & Tia” “is not only a place of guarding but the second house of your child. Our young need attention, security and love to be happy. It is in a family frame where our children will especially be surrounded well and loved.

Our Objective

The first purpose is to protect the well-being of our children by respecting their needs and their rhythms of life while favoring their awakening and their autonomy.
Every child is unique in his rhythm, his interests and his needs.

For that reason we assure the good development of his personality.