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The child possesses enormous capacities of awakening on which we work together to discover them. Furthermore, he must be motivated so that he feels the desire and the curiosity to learn.
The activities made in the care of "Les Anges Mia & Tia" allow your children to develop their motricity, sensory, linguistic, social and emotional level:

  1. Perspective and educational games to develop their logical spirit.
  2. Songs and bed songs to exercise their memory.
  3. Tales and stories to stimulate their imagination and develop their language.
  4. Drawings, art and painting to awaken their artistic taste.
  5. The motor and the rhythmic to express and develop their physical fitness.

Workshops are made in small or in big group according to chosen theme by the educator. The workshop takes place in three phases; the planning, the realization and the return on this one. The educator takes a considerable place during the workshop under the role of observer and companion. The child makes his own choice and organize his game as he wants it.


Compared to the psychomotricity, there are two big aspects to be developed with the child: the global motricity and the fine motricity. The global motricity covers all the general aspects of the body, for example, to know how to stand in balance. Then, the physical exercises brings a better psychomotor coordination. They help the child to feel better his body and to use it most adequately possible. As for the fine motricity, this one favors the creativity of the child and gives him a better control of their fingers, hands and eyes.

Sound awakening

These activities try to refine the hearing perception of the familiar sounds, to develop the musical sense and the capacity of artistic and rhythmic expression.

Mathematical awakening

The concepts of numbers, classification, of seriation, size, time, of a symmetry and simple geometrical forms are of use as foundations to the intellectual operations. Activities facilitate the assimilation of these concepts by the child.


These activities of observation, discovery, experiment with basic materials (waters, rocks, animals) five senses, environment, aim to stimulate and manage the curiosity of the child towards the world of the nature.

Reading awakening

the discovery of books is the first step towards the reading of the children. To put books at their disposal incites them to want to be read the stories and to question the images to understand the sense.


Ideal moment so that the child expresses his creativity, his artistic expression and his visual representation of objects by using brushes, colors, material of construction, art, etc.


With the help of two computers and an educator, the children get acquainted with the basic notions of functioning of computers and of certain educational activities.

Language and writing

Songs, bed songs and games transmit to the child the expression and the good use of the French and English languages. Name and write objects surrounding the child stimulate the language acquisition and awakens in the writing.

The discovery of the space

We will explore with your children this theme which fascinates them. We will raise subjects like the solar system, the stars, the rockets, the space shuttles and the station mirrors and the astronauts. Without forgetting these galaxies characters who populate our imagination. Notions of hot-cold, night-day, gravity-weightlessness, close-far will be approached throughout the theme. We scheduled educational activities such: games, art, stories, songs, culinary activities and activity of fine motricity as well as motor. We also put at the disposal of the children the material in connection with the theme of the space as well as the media picture to become soaked well in the sidereal universe

The Magic of Christmas

The objective of this theme is to be in the magic mood of the Christmas celebration! To reach there, we shall decorate the daycare with Christmas decorations as well as with visual supports. In several corners the children will find additional equipment in connection with the theme of Christmas. So the children will decorate themselves a tree which will illuminate the daycare. We will also raise subjects such: Santa Claus, reindeers and elves. Who are they? Where they live? What mission have they? At random every day, a responsible elf will be chosen, this will help the educator in diverse tasks, he will be the one who chooses the image of our Advent calendar as well as the story of the day. A day of sharing will be organized in which children can share a toy brought from his house with their friends. A small Christmas celebration will be organized for the children. Santa Claus will leave presents for the children of the daycare.

What Parents Say

The staff is truly wonderful! My daughter is excited to go every single morning and see her friends, she absolutely adores it here. The educators are sweet and it shows they truly care about the kids.

Mari Toto Parent

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My daughter has been there for the past 4 years and she loves it! Super clean very friendly educators we honestly love them all and we have created a superb bond with them we find it so hard to leave!

Karine K Parent

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Both our children attend Mia and Tia daycare and we are very happy with the attention and care they are provided with. A Great atmosphere , healthy meals and such caring educators and directors.

Jessica Guevara Parent

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Absolutely love this place! The staff is very welcoming loving and understanding! My daughter is always having fun always smiling when i pick her up, much love to this place.

Caroline Pacheco Parent

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I am very happy that my children are going to Mia and Tia daycare from the nursery. Their food is nutritious and balanced. My children eat better at daycare than at home.

Marie-Claude Dumais Parent

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I strongly suggest Les Anges de Mia et Tia daycare. A very professional service and a great educational approach that prepares our children well for primary school.

Olivier Procaccini Parent

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